the radio plus team

Behind the scenes at Radio Plus is a team who keep the station running along with all the other local projects we're involved in

Nav Mann - Station Manager

The manager of Radio Plus, Nav keeps the station running and uses her experience in broadcasting to keep the station sounding fresh!

Trish White - Administrator
First point of contact to anyone visiting the station, picks up any and all jobs needed. Always happy to help so feel free to get in touch

The Vision: We inspire, we influence, we give identity to young people and make disciples of Jesus Christ.

The Mission: 

  • To create a thriving city-centre community media hub, which brings together charity and business partners including recording/rehearsal studios, photography/videography, (i.e. multi-media for a digital platform, graphic design, media training) which has an influence on the positive transformation of the city of Coventry
  • We aim to be a relevant and authentic voice for un-churched 16-35 year olds
  •  We are a community radio station, run by Christians. We are not a “Christian radio station”. Jesus is at the centre of everything we do, but we are targeting people who wouldn’t call themselves Christian.
  • We are a voice on behalf of the church to the wider community
  • We signpost listeners to local services….this provides advertising and sponsorship opportunities as well as being supported in order that local millennials receive the information/help they need
  • We represent all church denominations in the city and are not aligned to any one particular denomination.
  • Part of our role is to challenge assumptions and perceptions about Christianity as pre-evangelism across the city and to use an accessible language and style that is relevant and real, without Christian jargon or religion. 
  • We are about good story-telling and giving examples of lives positively changed by Jesus. We are not a preaching and teaching radio station.
  • We offer volunteering opportunities, which come with media training. We involve the target audience in the running of Radio Plus and as a result, see lives transformed for the better.
  • Our target audience in Coventry is for a listenership of 30,000, or at least 10% of the overall population by 2020. We want the majority of these 30,000 listeners to be non-Christian. It is therefore important that they consider Radio Plus to be of equal value in the radio marketplace to others.
  • Community Radio need not be a by-word for “amateur”. We are looking to create a professional sounding radio station that stands up in the marketplace but is distinctive, relevant, authentic, local, intelligent and entertaining.
  • As a demographic profile, we keep in mind a young un-churched person that we’re targeting who never goes to church and isn’t interested in Jesus or Christianity and yet needs God and has many issues of life to deal with.
  • With everything we do and say on Radio Plus, we always ask ourselves whether it’s what the listener wants and is relevant for the audience
  • We’re here to serve the whole of the city of Coventry in the name of Jesus, not just the Church.

The Values: 

INSPIRE - God is my everything - and everything is worship (Isaiah 4:5) We sing out over our city and declare HIS name - by championing and giving a platform t Coventry Christian bands, worship music, song-writers, musicians, poets, artists, film-makers and creatives.

GOD SIZED DREAM: We will have a weekly programme on YouTube. We make daily devotional graphics that are mobile and on Pinterest, Snap-Chat and Instragram - we get young people designing and sharing God's word digitally. We build a mini tv studio with two cameras, lighting and a backdrop. We teach young people how to make their own films. We employ a team of staff. We address difficult questions from young people.

INFLUENCE - As a radio station and a community - we declare and demonstrate kingdom culture in this city by occupying the secular space (Revelation 21:1-8).

GOD SIZED DREAM: We go to war to occupy the secular space. We declare Kingdom culture over our city - we do this with excellence, with style, with creativity, with inclusion as the intent. IT becomes a city-wide, youth-led movement of significance and transformation - already planting the seed with Elim + Youth4Christ. We are a network of young leaders who gather under a creative media hub. We lead city wide prayers, gigs, comedy nights, we go out to inspire others and invite them in. We put on events - called: Radio Plus presents. Look at Motofest and Godiva. We sell out secular venues like the Kasbah. We become the culture of influence that reflects Kingdom Culture. Culture eats strategy for breakfast.

IDENTITY - Who am I? how can we replace Zoella and Kim Kardashian with more positive role models like Matt Robinson? Lifestyle (Acts 2) We programme accessible Jesus Culture - a sound mind, healthy lifestyle, relationships, food, family, community, charities and volunteering - how people can make an impact in the city. We simulcast. We do this online and on the radio. We makes things like youth Alpha and other events in the city inclusive. We bring charities together, we bring interfaith events together, we worship together. We work with partners - Nexus, Youth4Christ, Hope and Churches. We know that Generation Z wants significance.

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In January 2008, the organisation that now holds the licence for Radio Plus (Coventry & Warwickshire Media Community) submitted an application to the media regulator, Ofcom, for a Community Radio Licence to run a new community radio station for Coventry. We were awarded the licence in July 2008 and had until Christmas 2010 to begin broadcasting. We started our live broadcasts on December 20th 2010. We're now on our 2nd five-year licence period, taking us to 2020 and we're already into our 7th year of being on air continuously 24/7 365 days per year!

CWMC is the trading arm of the charity which runs Radio Plus, called Coventry Spirit (Radio), a registered charity. The target audience for Radio Plus is 16-35 year olds across Coventry and it was youth groups across the city that got involved and named us Radio Plus. You can download our Case for Support for CSR here.

Our mission is to use the media to positively influence people in Coventry to love and follow Jesus.

We're interested in you, we want to know what makes you tick and we want to see Coventry prosper. With relevant music, conversation and entertainment, we want to support those trying to make Coventry a great place to live, work and play. We want to see our city changing for the better.

Radio Plus is on air 24/7 with the best in new up and coming local musical talent. We talk about things that really matter to you!

In 2016, Radio Plus was awarded a Queen's Award for Voluntary Service, the equivalent of an MBE from Her Majesty The Queen, for services to the Voluntary Sector.