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The pricing structure for spot ads and sponsorship opportunities available on Radio Plus reflects our own latest audience research and research into other community and commercial radio stations in the UK, as well as our own independently commissioned research into the size of our local listening audience.

Based on our quantitative survey results we are confident to state that: "15.3% of people aged 16-35 in Coventry,roughly 14,500 people, have listened to Radio Plus in the last month."According to 2011 census data, Coventry had a population of 300,000 people. 16-34 year olds comprised 32.3% of that, totalling 96900. 15.3% of that segment gives us the estimate of 14,535. As the overall population of Coventry has significantly increased since 2011 to around 345,000, we expect these figures to be conservative. For more details on our latest research you can download the results

Please contact us to discuss our rates, which we believe are highly competitive. Here's our Ad Pack for more information

We expect clients will run a campaign of at least ten times thirty second plays over 1 or more weeks, at various times of the day. We would recommend a minimum 5 week campaign for an ad to penetrate the market.

Any deal we do to suit your budget would be a combination of the time of day the ads are played and the number of ads are played per day across a week and then how many weeks you want to take out.

We also welcome opportunities for sponsorship. Depending on your company profile, this may mean an opportunity to sponsor specific programmes segments each hour, e.g. travel, weather or our events guide or you may want to consider an overall sponsorship package of Radio Plus in return for regular name checks and programme content.