Coventry and Warwickshire Media Community Ltd. (CWMC) is a not-for-profit social enterprise company, limited by guarantee (no. 064613333) established in 2007. Its directors came together with a common vision to provide a Christian media voice in Coventry and the surrounding areas and to help build understanding and cohesion on behalf of the churches of Coventry to the wider community.

The desire of the directors is to see the whole of Coventry prosper spiritually, economically, socially and to foster collaboration among the media community.

CWMC is a community and people-focused business that reflects the values and beliefs of its founders. The directors envisage that by 2018 CWMC will be a unique  and self-sustaining business, operating a successful community radio station and media hub at Hertford Place, providing high speed internet access, training, consultancy services and local employment and volunteering opportunities.