Radio Plus has begun a new community mentoring program called Side by Side. The project is aimed at vulnerable young adults in Coventry. Our vision is to see a team of volunteer mentors supporting, encouraging and growing vulnerable young adults in our community.

This page provides some of the information about Side by Side. Take a look and get in touch if you have any questions. 

For Mentors...

Information on being a mentor with Radio Plus's Side by Side Scheme. 

Be a Mentor. Be the Difference.

We are looking for new mentors. Side by Side aims to make a difference to the lives of vulnerable young adults all over Coventry. To do this we need your help.  If you know anyone who would be a good mentor, or if you think you would be.  Get in touch. We would love to hear from you. 

Become a mentor in Four Simple Steps. 


Connect. Get in touch, ask any questions and we will send you a sign up form. 


Interview. We interview and DBS Check all potential mentors for everyone's safety. 


Training. We do a training evening for all new mentors so you feel confident to start mentoring. 


Mentor.  We connect you with a Young Adult & provide ongoing support throughout.

We make sure that all our mentors are Interviewed, DBS Checked & trained so they can feel safe, confident and ready to begin a mentoring relationship. If you have any questions about how that process works get in touch. 

For Young Adults...

Interested in Side by Side? You can find out more details below. 

We aim to pair Young Adults with the mentor who is best matchedfor them. On average a mentoring relationship will last a year. Over this time, Young Adults and mentors would move together towards goals, working together. Side by Side is about consistent unconditional friendship geared towards helping  young adults move where you want to be. To make everything clear, we created the four S's of Side by side. That way you know exactly what it is you are getting. Side by Side is Supportive, Strategic, Specific and Safe. 

The four S's of Side by Side. 

The four things you can expect from mentoring, our offer to you. Sound good?


You're mentor is their regardless of how it's going. Through good times & bad times. 


Goals set by you for you with your mentor. We  want to plan together & move forward together. 



Our Mentors are picked specifically for you & matched with you for the best chance of success.




Our team is committed to your safety. We carry out DBS Checks, take character references and train our mentors before they connect with you. 


If you want to get involved with Side by Side, whether that is joining our team of mentors or if you need some support yourself let us know. We would love to talk to you. 


Get in touch: Chris Mells

Chris coordinates Side by Side. Drop him any questions you may have or let him know if you want to be involved.

Facebook: facebook/sidebysidementors
Tel: 02477712401